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Moving to S. Korea 6 months later from now

Thank you so much for visiting YRB's blog :-)
This is Mitchie, Owner/Designer of Yellow Ribbon Boutique.

Schools started, I bet many military brats' mom are having relieves from their CRAZYNESS, including me, of course!!
At Same time, it's too quiet in our house and it's kinda wierd. I miss my 2 crazy boys sometimes. Good. That means I still love them! :-D

Last month, I got a lot of orders at my Etsy store!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

As you can see on the title, we are moving to S. Korea in coming spring.
Yep, out of USA. WOW!!! How exciting!!!

I still want to coutinue YRB shop during we're staying in Korea since I got a lot of positive feedbacks from wonderful customer.
Well first of all, I LOVE my shop!!!!!!

But Still I'm in the State, and providing the same items and service for this coming 6 months, so please stop by my shop often and hope you can find what you love :-)


How is your summer going??

Wow, my last post was on ...OK I don't remember :-p!!
Hmmm, I'm such a bad blogger.....

SO! How is your summer going??

It'a too HOT here in Ft. Hood area!!!!! This heat is killing me!!!!! Ughhhhh....
Well, it's perfect to chilling in a house and spend time to craft though :-D

By the way, we thought we are going to move to Ft. Sill in OK, but it seems like I and my kids are going to stay here.
Since my husband's next training will be for 5 months, it will be only TDY.

5 months is LONG though!!!!! We just got him back in last May from 4 months training!!!!

"Safe Deployment" still sucks.... :'-(

Oh by the way, I got Cricut Personal!!!!!!
THIS is SO FUN tool!!!! I alreay enjoying a lot, and bought 4 cartlidge, lol!!
I made home decor signs using my Cricut. They will be listed in my etsy shop soon, but here is a sneak peak :-D

See you later!!


ACU Wreath Instructions Available on!!

ACU Wreath Instructions on Etsy

Are you a creative person?

Want to make something with your love one's old ACUs or other military uniforms?

Do you make ACU purses and are looking for a way to use those leftover scraps?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then this may just be what you were looking for!

We have put our pattern/ instructions on how we make our ACU wreaths in a pdf file so that you can enjoy making them too.

....Gooooood evening!!

We just came back from Ft. Benning yesterday and I'm ready to start my craft projects!!
I think I had too much "Monster" drink to stay awake yesterday, (We left there 6:00am and arrived home at 1:00pm...) I'm still in a hi-tension mode...!!

Also I'm so happy that my shop at Etsy is doing very well!!

Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!


Yellow Ribbon Boutique is Now on Etsy!!

Yellow Ribbon Boutique on Etsy!!

We ship in US, including APO/FPO address

~10% of all sales from Etsy are donated to the Army Emergency Relief Fund~

....WE ARE MOVING in this summer to Ft. Sill in Oklahoma!

Also we have already an order to move to SOUTH KOREA in next year!!

We are soooo excited to move to next new places.
Moving around often is a part of the military life. Maybe some of don't like to moving every time, but I actually like this life style.

Since I'm from Japan and we've been in USA for 6 yearsw now, but still here is a foreign country to me, so it's so fun to visit and live different states!!

They certainly have their own atmosphire, tastes and lifestyles!! It's just SO FUN to feel it!!

Anyway, because of getting ready for moving, my booth at Crafters Corner will end in this month :'-S
Which really SUCKS because they just grand opened and bringing more customors, and all vendors are getting more better and prettier!!!!

I had so much fun at crafters corner and this was my first place to start selling my crafted stuff, I miss a lot and it will be still my favorite shop!!

And also very excited for my new adventure, to Etsy!!


Crafters Corner Grand Opening!!

It was so fun to be there today!!

The store looks SOOOO PRETTY!

There was a cute cake, and cutting ribbon ceremony, mamy people were there today to find there treasures and findings!!

Enjoy pictures from today's openning ceremony :-)

What a sweet-looking cake!!

Cutting ribbon ceremony, by Diane (new owner)& her family, they are so nice and welcome us every time we visit the store :-)

Not only handmade & antique merchantises, but they have craft supplies too!!

I bought these from there today!
Diary style family history book, a Pendant from Vintage Sue.
(Check her blog! It's a heart-stealing collections there!)

I got work my booth too....!!


Naming of "Survival Bracelet"...?

I just wrote this on my facebook page but I would like to add more details!!

My husband thinks that naming of "Survival Bracelet", (the bracelet made by 550 Paracord) is hilarious!!

He said "How do we survive with this small bracelet!!?? Hehehehe...."

Dah, I didn't name it!! it's common name because when you need, you can break bracelet into cords for emergency scenes!!

How can we use 550 paracord?? Here is a list from ist from (I actually laughed at "as Tooth floss".......but yeah it's possible!!)

Because individual strands of 550 paracord can be easily removed and combined into your own configurations, this small rope can be put to a wide variety of survival uses. As a general purpose utility cord 550 can be used for:

Ridgelines for Tarps
Securing Equipment
Hanging Food from Bears
Vehicle Tie Downs
Sewing Fabric
Repairing Equipment
Making a Fire Bow
Fishing Line
Paracord String for a Bow
Making a Shelter
Fish Gill Nets
Fishing Line
Animal Snares
Clothes Lines
Paracord Lanyards
Anchor Line
Animal Restraints
Tooth Floss
Paracord Braiding
Other Paracord Crafts

(More about 550 paracord, check

WOW!!! Unlimited way huh!? :-D

So if you get my handmade bracelet & wear everyday, someday it will help you in emergence situation!!!....??

.... Actually, mine is made by 3 different colors, and longest part is 1 yrd, so it's more like Fashon item then Emergency use"

By the way, if I make it with solid color, or double color, so the part will be more longer, and sure I can make it that way too :-)

550 paracord bracelet customazation available ;-D!!


Got coin jewerly? by The Fun Company

So during our little family vacation, we went PX at Ft. Benning in GA and guess what I found there:-)

Whole bunches of creative fine jewelries made by coins by The Fun Company.

I was just hooked because they are soooo beautiful!!!

It was very nice to chat with Mrs. Paige Greer at the booth, she told me that she & her husband make those coin jewelries in Alabama. Since I have metaric allergy, she gave me very helpful advices so kindly!

I couldn't take any pictures from her booth because we were in hurry with kids,

But they have a online store at and you can see their beatiful creative works!

And GOOD NEWS for my local people around Ft. Hood :-)

They are coming to Austin on May 1st & 2nd for Old Pecan Street Festival!! ( for more info)

If you are looking for special gifts for someone or yourself, thier coin jewerlies are just right ones!