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ACU Wreath Instructions Available on!!

ACU Wreath Instructions on Etsy

Are you a creative person?

Want to make something with your love one's old ACUs or other military uniforms?

Do you make ACU purses and are looking for a way to use those leftover scraps?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then this may just be what you were looking for!

We have put our pattern/ instructions on how we make our ACU wreaths in a pdf file so that you can enjoy making them too.

....Gooooood evening!!

We just came back from Ft. Benning yesterday and I'm ready to start my craft projects!!
I think I had too much "Monster" drink to stay awake yesterday, (We left there 6:00am and arrived home at 1:00pm...) I'm still in a hi-tension mode...!!

Also I'm so happy that my shop at Etsy is doing very well!!

Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Why you guys trying to make money of instructions that's very sad