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How is your summer going??

Wow, my last post was on ...OK I don't remember :-p!!
Hmmm, I'm such a bad blogger.....

SO! How is your summer going??

It'a too HOT here in Ft. Hood area!!!!! This heat is killing me!!!!! Ughhhhh....
Well, it's perfect to chilling in a house and spend time to craft though :-D

By the way, we thought we are going to move to Ft. Sill in OK, but it seems like I and my kids are going to stay here.
Since my husband's next training will be for 5 months, it will be only TDY.

5 months is LONG though!!!!! We just got him back in last May from 4 months training!!!!

"Safe Deployment" still sucks.... :'-(

Oh by the way, I got Cricut Personal!!!!!!
THIS is SO FUN tool!!!! I alreay enjoying a lot, and bought 4 cartlidge, lol!!
I made home decor signs using my Cricut. They will be listed in my etsy shop soon, but here is a sneak peak :-D

See you later!!

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