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Moving to S. Korea 6 months later from now

Thank you so much for visiting YRB's blog :-)
This is Mitchie, Owner/Designer of Yellow Ribbon Boutique.

Schools started, I bet many military brats' mom are having relieves from their CRAZYNESS, including me, of course!!
At Same time, it's too quiet in our house and it's kinda wierd. I miss my 2 crazy boys sometimes. Good. That means I still love them! :-D

Last month, I got a lot of orders at my Etsy store!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

As you can see on the title, we are moving to S. Korea in coming spring.
Yep, out of USA. WOW!!! How exciting!!!

I still want to coutinue YRB shop during we're staying in Korea since I got a lot of positive feedbacks from wonderful customer.
Well first of all, I LOVE my shop!!!!!!

But Still I'm in the State, and providing the same items and service for this coming 6 months, so please stop by my shop often and hope you can find what you love :-)

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