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Naming of "Survival Bracelet"...?

I just wrote this on my facebook page but I would like to add more details!!

My husband thinks that naming of "Survival Bracelet", (the bracelet made by 550 Paracord) is hilarious!!

He said "How do we survive with this small bracelet!!?? Hehehehe...."

Dah, I didn't name it!! it's common name because when you need, you can break bracelet into cords for emergency scenes!!

How can we use 550 paracord?? Here is a list from ist from (I actually laughed at "as Tooth floss".......but yeah it's possible!!)

Because individual strands of 550 paracord can be easily removed and combined into your own configurations, this small rope can be put to a wide variety of survival uses. As a general purpose utility cord 550 can be used for:

Ridgelines for Tarps
Securing Equipment
Hanging Food from Bears
Vehicle Tie Downs
Sewing Fabric
Repairing Equipment
Making a Fire Bow
Fishing Line
Paracord String for a Bow
Making a Shelter
Fish Gill Nets
Fishing Line
Animal Snares
Clothes Lines
Paracord Lanyards
Anchor Line
Animal Restraints
Tooth Floss
Paracord Braiding
Other Paracord Crafts

(More about 550 paracord, check

WOW!!! Unlimited way huh!? :-D

So if you get my handmade bracelet & wear everyday, someday it will help you in emergence situation!!!....??

.... Actually, mine is made by 3 different colors, and longest part is 1 yrd, so it's more like Fashon item then Emergency use"

By the way, if I make it with solid color, or double color, so the part will be more longer, and sure I can make it that way too :-)

550 paracord bracelet customazation available ;-D!!

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