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Welcome to my Blog!!


Thank you all for your interest in my blog!!

My name Mitchie, I am a proud army wife and mother of 2 boys, we currently live in Ft. Hood, TX area.

And now you see....., I just started my own craft shop!!!(HOORAY!!)

I named my shop "Yellow Ribbon Boutique".

Since I *LOVE* to create stuff and look at antique & vintage stores, I have been enjoying to craft and collect military inspired goods.

I don't make ACU purse YET, but other unique home decor, accessory & jewelry and stuff.

Currently I have my booth at Crafters Corner in Copperas Cove, TX.

Yellow Ribbon Boutique are not only for military guys & their families, but for everyone who love our country and veterans!!!

Please enjoy my blog with a lot of unique creations and collection!!

Thank you!

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