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Count Down for My Re-newed Booth!!!

My boys did a great job to paint the walls!)

I have been selling my craft stuff at Craters Corners since Last October 2009.

I'm sure "Love to Make everything is a great things for crafter's motivation but at same time, it can be a hard thing.

When I started to sell my stuff, I placed everything I made.

western stuff, oriental stuff, Patriot stuff, and they come as home decors, jewelries.

Yeah, It's like putting sweet&sour pork dish and strawberry short cake on a same plate, or, eating raw fish Sushi and apple cobbler at same time.

I couldn't decide my niche. And as a creater, I don't want to just make what people buy. However, to success as a craft seller, I had to find my niche!!!

So these past 3 months were an experiment to see which items are preferred to most people.

Then I found out military related goods were always been sold.
yeah, this is Ft. Hood, most people here are in the military life.

Actually, I remember myself that I enjoyed when I tried new craft ideas about the military, and most of all, it's all about our life style, and our family.

THIS is my niche!!

After I found out what I really want, it went so quickly and smooth!

Paint my booth walls with new theme color with my boys, and now I'm getting ready to place the whole items I have here in my craftroom!

I will see you soon at my re-newed booth!!

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